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Wilford’s parents were teachers in Baton Rouge (his father later worked for a chemical company), but he decided that his future was in music.At 19, he left town to play bass guitar for a local R&B group called the Upsetters.After the disaster of Sheba, Wilford turned to public relations work full-time for a couple of big agencies; among other assignments, he helped coordinate a TV special starring Roberta Flack.By 1974 he caught CBS’ big eye and joined the company’s record division.Just before she went West, Debbie and Win built a 25-foot-square dance studio in back of their home in suburban Mount Vernon, N. “The sad thing is,” says Win, “Debbie hasn’t been around to use it a lot. A., Debbie pals around with chums like dancer Hinton Battle of Sophisticated Ladies, who lives in her apartment building, but too often she finds herself just worrying about Win’s well-being.“I know he’ll go for several days and just eat sandwiches because I’m not there to see that he’s fed,” she says.

More raves came her way when Leonard Bernstein cast her as Anita, the fiery Puerto Rican girl, in the 1980 revival of West Side Story, and then came the film role in Ragtime. I thought I couldn’t match the high of West Side Story, but Ragtime proved me wrong.” Although Fame has yet to prove itself in the TV ratings, critics have praised it as “attractive” and “disarmingly sassy,” as the New York Times’ John O’Connor put it, and NBC hopes it will become the next Hill Street Blues, a slow starter that eventually scored in the Nielsens.They met at the rehearsals for Sheba, a 1973 off-Broadway musical in which he was a chorus boy and she a featured dancer.The show lasted only one week, and Debbie Allen kept her distance from Win Wilford until the day before it closed. “He drove a Mercedes-Benz, he had fine clothes and he would come in late and no one seemed to get mad at him. “Ever since we started dating,” Win adds, “we’ve been together.” Not literally.When it folded he moved on to Philadelphia, joined an outfit called Kenny Gamble and the Romeos as a bassist, and parlayed that experience into session work for Chubby Checker, Dee Dee Sharp, the Delfonics and the Soul Survivors, with whom he cut the 1967 hit Expressway to Your Heart.By 1969 he was in New York trying to build an acting career as a member of the first apprentice program of the famed Negro Ensemble Company and working at modeling jobs to pay the rent.

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The film evolved into a successful television spin-off in 1982, in which Allen co-starred and won three Emmy awards for choreography.

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