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Looks like John and Chrissy were so satisfied with their first child that they decided to have another right away.

These are modern in vitro parents – able to choose the sex of their child in advance. Photo Credit: AKM-GSI We were as startled as you were to hear that George Clooney gifted thirteen of his male friends with a million dollars in 2013.

Brad’s kids all look like him and maybe they inherited Brad’s interest in vintage and funky stuff.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI of all time – she costarred with Adam West on the Batman TV series in the 60’s.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are happy to share their adorable daughter Luna with fans.

And they actually came close to MARRYING most of the women they dated.

A section devoted to All My Children, featuring daily recaps dating back to 1996, scoops and spoilers, Two Scoops commentary, character and actor biographies, message boards, contests, games, and the latest news from Pine Valley, plus much more.

The first season of All My Children concluded on September 2, 2013.

She was also an accomplished Broadway star, but we remain fascinated by her private life.

She got several patents in the 70’s – for a “nearly invisible” bra and pantyhose. Julie reasoned that the wearer always had a spare if she got a run in her hose.

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THAT’S why they appeal to successful women like Nicole Richie and Cameron Diaz!

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  1. After our Bulls ran their train on the willing housewife, not one -- but two -- filled her womb with their hot spunk. " The other three, not wanting BABY DADDY status, dropped larger loads in her mouth and all over her face.

  2. If you can't handle opinion of others then the forums are not a place for you.. I am a single mom, doing all by her lonesome and I put myself through school while working multiple jobs. :)Sorry, my response was actually to westpark: If you have made a choice for a lifestyle that is meager and bare of some of the better things..is your choice..perhaps the choice has now effected your child..you wish to vent because your ex is not providing enough..acceptable..equally you should be held accountable as well. We hold the ex accountable for their actions..are you exempt from that same accounting? Your ex...a junkie who is probably not that far from where he was 3yrs ago..someone who you made your bed with. I decided at one point that my wandering days would have to stop. That learned behavior comes from friends or even family.