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Third, God and the Constitution ordained an irrepressible destiny to accomplish redemption and democratization throughout the world.All three of these claims pushed many Americans, whether they uttered the words ‘manifest destiny’ or not, to actively seek the expansion the democracy.The Young America movement, strongest among members of the Democratic Party but spanning the political spectrum, downplayed divisions over slavery and ethnicity by embracing national unity and emphasizing American exceptionalism, territorial expansion, democratic participation, and economic interdependence.In every age of the world, there has been a leading nation, one of a more generous sentiment, whose eminent citizens were willing to stand for the interests of general justice and humanity, at the risk of being called, by the men of the moment, chimerical and fantastic. Which should lead that movement, if not New England?

Columbia, the female figure of America, leads Americans into the West and into the future by carrying the values of republicanism (as seen through her Roman garb) and progress (shown through the inclusion of technological innovations like the telegraph) and clearing native peoples and animals, seen being pushed into the darkness. Farther north, lead and iron ore mining spurred development in Wisconsin.The most important factors that led to the annexation of Florida included anxieties over runaway slaves, Spanish neglect of the region, and the desired defeat of Native American tribes who controlled large portions of lucrative farm territory. This conflict set the stage for General Andrew Jackson’s invasion of Florida in 1817 and the beginning of the First Seminole War.During the early 19th century, Spain wanted to increase productivity in Florida and encouraged migration of mostly Southern slave owners. Southern slave owners refused to quietly accept the continued presence of armed black men in Florida. Americans also held that Creek and Seminole Indians, occupying the area from the Apalachicola River to the wet prairies and hammock islands of central Florida, were dangers in their own right.Abraham Lincoln summed up this criticism with a fair amount of sarcasm during a speech in 1859: He (the Young American) owns a large part of the world, by right of possessing it; and all the rest by right of wanting it, and intending to have it…Young America had “a pleasing hope — a fond desire — a longing after” territory.He has a great passion — a perfect rage — for the “new”; particularly new men for office, and the new earth mentioned in the revelations, in which, being no more sea, there must be about three times as much land as in the present.

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  2. Speakers: Filippos Proedrou, Research Fellow, University of South Wales Jan Kerner, Director Growth and Strategy for GE Power Europe Beata Jaczewska, Executive Director, International Visegrad Fund Václav Bartuška, Ambassador-at-Large for Energy Security, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Chair: Richard Cockett, Business Editor, Economist Even before the US presidential election, transatlantic relations had been adrift.