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Bálor chops him in the corner before Samson boots him.

Samson throws him out of the ring, but Bálor traps him in the apron and punches away at him.

Bálor stomps away at him before getting out of the ring and grabbing a steel chair. -Commercial Break- We come back from the break to see Samson try to take him down, but Bálor takes him down instead.

Samson kicks him in the midsection before the chair is used on him. Samson kicks him out of the ring and kicks him shoulder-first into the barricade.

Bálor puts him back in the ring and applies a headlock.

Samson whips him off, misses a clothesline, but eventually connects with one.

Strowman attacks him from behind and connects with a Powerslam. Bayley will fight Sasha Banks to determine who will fight for the RAW Women’s Championship at Summer Slam. Coming up next, we’ll see Finn Bálor take on Elias Samson in a No Disqualification Match. The bell rings, and Bálor quickly attacks him before knocking him out of the ring. Samson gets out of the ring, but Bálor attacks him from behind.

-Commercial Break- Elias Samson is in the ring strumming his guitar and singing about Finn Bálor. -Commercial Break- We come back from the break to see Bálor send Samson into the barricade before smashing his face off it a few times.

Samson tries to send him into the chair, but Bálor reverses it. Bálor chops and forearms him before hitting an overhead kick.Samson gets him in the ring and connects with a nice shoulder-breaker for a near fall.During the commercial break, Samson whipped him hard into the corner.Braun Strowman’s music cuts him off, and he comes out looking quite irritated with Angle. Samoa Joe’s music hits, and he makes his way to the ring. Reigns says it’s funny to him that Joe comes out and talks about what he almost did. Strowman has been here for a hiccup and hasn’t done anything.Strowman says, “The next words out of your mouth better be ‘Braun Strowman’… ” Unlike Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe, he won his match at Great Balls of Fire. In five years, he’s been a Tag Team Champion, he’s been the United States Champion, and is a three-time World Champion.

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