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He pines for his straight best friend Don (Mike Begovich), whose occasional willingness to accept drunken oral sex marks the closest thing to a date Tim's enjoyed in years.

When news breaks of a drug trial for a miracle pill that will turn homosexual men straight, Tim jumps at the chance to enroll.

But wouldn't you know it—the three girls of the home aren't asleep.

They barge in on Santa while he's on the can, claiming to have been woken by the smell.

Yes, the three-minute video below confirms without a doubt that, as its title suggests, "Even Santa Poops." Here, he's seen pooping in some British family's house—posh British people being, as the original video proved, particularly amusing when talking about poop.That it's this well done shouldn't be a surprise: The spot was written and directed by Pete Marquis and Jamie Mc Celland, with concept and copywriting by Joel Ackerman.The former worked on the hilarious Hello Flo videos, while the latter wrote and directed "Girls Don't Poop." It's like a dream team of bodily-functions humorists.We definitely went through a number of concepts and scenarios with every brainstorm session and script review. We auditioned him, he began improvising, and we knew right away he would be a great fit.With each session we continued to elevate the concept to get to the final. His name is Mike Faella, aka "Santa Mike." How far did you want to take the humor with the girls and their potty mouths?

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