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"She knew that there was nothing else that they could do, she literally said to me, 'honey if you want me to be happy in my transition, promise me after I transition that you will live.'"Fans of Sapp may not be surprised to see him being so transparent about his personal life.

He previously told CP why he often used his platform to share personal aspects of his life."I've been blessed to have a huge following on social media and I know the reason why I have that following is because I'm really transparent and I try to share my heart — things that I've learned and what I have experienced," said Sapp.

After his wife, Ma Linda Sapp, died from colon cancer in 2010, he admits that his focus has been on raising their children.

#Where RThe Real Men Of God The requirement in the vows states "until death do ye part". AND, I'm sure he's not going to miss your support of his music, considering there's a lot more people out there who's less judgmental and support HIS right to date whomever he likes!!!Idc what anyone says, SHAME ON MARVIN SAPP his wife has been dead for what only a year???How could u disrespect her honor, the mother of your children with this crazy bbh*e I am so disappointed in him nd I will never support his music again!!! If he marries her he could change the name of his church to Church of the Hoochies!! The raunchy pics of her on the internet is all the devil's work. What kind of example is she setting for young women.Since her passing, he's spoken out often about stepping up to the plate to continue raising his kids as best he could while simultaneously dealing with the often overwhelming grief of losing his wife.Marvin recently opened up about the challenges and rewards of being a single dad in a quick chat with just ahead of Father's Day.

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Speaking to the outlet, he admitted that he was initially apprehensive and shocked when he realized he'd be a single father.

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