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Read Full Story Stephen Dorff (born July 29, 1973) is an actor best known for his work in movies such as ' Backbeat,' ' Blade,' and ' Somewhere.' Find more Stephen Dorff pictures, news and information below.

But model Charlotte Mc Kinney, 22 and actor Stephen Dorff - who's twenty years her senior - proved they were just enjoying each other's company, and were very much still together, as they were made their way through LAX Airport on Saturday.

But the fire got fuel when the two were famously spotted together while partying in Paris.

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Although both Dorff and Charlotte did not confirm anything, Charlotte's statement and her being spotted on numerous occasions with Dorff made it sure that Dorff was the man she was dating.

But the relation could not become a long term and eventually, the hot pair broke up in the year 2016, and the reason for the split, as per some sources say was "Dorff's involvement with other girls." A statement from the very source came, But this is just a part of the coin as some other sources claim that the reason for them splitting was the busy working schedule of Charlotte.

But the true story is still far from the knowledge of general media and public as the representatives for them both declined to shed light on it.

Nonetheless, Charlotte is not the only one to grace the personal life of Dorff as he has been in a relationship with several other ladies.

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Still together: Model Charlotte Mc Kinney and actor Stephen Dorff proved they were indeed still an item as they made their way through LAX Airport on Saturday, despite having not been seen together for months There are plenty of ways to luxe up your look but none so easy as the addition of a new bag.

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