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Now 22-year-old Xenia Goodwin has reprised the role of Tara Webster in a big screen adaptation of the show that ended its three-year run in 2013.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Zenia said that, upon hearing rumours of Dance Academy being in the works, she was straight on the phone to the Sydney Dance Company to start taking classes there.'Dancing is in my blood, it's honestly something I can't live without,' she said.'I did all of my dancing in the film, which I'm really proud of, but I couldn't have done it without my double doing some of the rehearsal takes because otherwise I would have had physical exhaustion.'Helmed by Aussie director Jeffrey Walker (Dance Academy, Angry Boys, Modern Family), the big screen Dance Academy picks up where the show left off, following the journey of Tara who is left crestfallen after suffering an injury while auditioning for the National Ballet.

'All these massive scenic locations were a constant adrenaline rush.She attended the Valerie Jenkins Acadmy of Ballet while growing up with her family in Australia. Cited as one of the popular Australian artists, Xenia Goodwin is a beautiful and talented personality.Finally, her hard work and dedication showed colors and opened her ways to pursue a successful career as a dancer as well as an actress.Xenia officially launched her career in 2010 when she achieved the lead role as Tara Webster in the television soap called Dance Academy.

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The show’s latest season ended on 30th September 2013.

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