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When a romance at work is a success, everything can seem wonderful, but as soon as it ends or becomes sour, then it can be disastrous, having an impact on both you and your job.

Here we have outlined the main disadvantages of dating a co-worker.

But by that time I had lost respect for my employers and lost faith in their processes, so I too left.

I had relegated myself to the back bench of the industry, where I could slip under the radar and avoid that sort of treatment.

- it seems to me going true indirect could make sense (while still being sexy that is, but not saying "I'm kidding, I just thought you were cute" which is in fact direct but just delayed 3 seconds) because it allows the girl to pretend she didn't know you were seducing her.

She can then tell herself (or her friends) that she's completely innocent and didn't help you or make it easy for you.

I love my job but have been considering leaving because of this.

I still really love him and can't stand seeing him every day at work.

I'm going to focus mostly on work situations here, largely because we've already covered the classroom (see: " Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone.

But wait: There is that cutie one department over—no need to worry about when you will be able to leave work when you have the same hours.

Could merging of work and dating be the ultimate in efficiencies?

An awkward gap in my CV was better than being stuck in a toxic environment where all my standards and expectations of how I would expect to be treated had been squelched.

I'm not saying that the vast majority of men go out of their way to be intimidating or predatory.

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