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In general, it seems introverts are wired to process stimuli internally, while extroverts associate rewarding feelings with external stimuli.

As a result, introverts become overstimulated and overwhelmed by too much socialization, whereas extroverts are energized by the same conditions, "That common idea that introverts are refueled by pulling away and extroverts are refueled by seeking out people and activities – it all comes down to how we process information," said Helgoe, who is also an introvert married to an extrovert.

that early on in her relationship with her introvert boyfriend, Ben, she would get upset that he didn't want to go to her family's large weekly dinners, taking it as evidence that he didn't care about getting to know her family."I couldn't understand why he wouldn't take an hour out of his week to become close to my family, and it honestly hurt my feelings," Riley said.

However, from an introvert's perspective mingling with a large group of people is stressful, and they can end up resenting their partner for "forcing" them to attend.

Recognizing fake Christians was also a topic on Peter Guirguis’ blog “Not Ashamed of the Gospel.” That’s an important skill, he says, so you can share Jesus with those people. ” The Christian dating scene can be “weird,” admits author and ministry director Nicole Unice.Questions Guirguis suggests asking include “Do they obey God’s commandments? It ranges, she says, from not kissing until the wedding (like the Duggars on reality TV) to just hanging out in groups.“What if Christians just began to date like normal people—not dating toward immediate marriage and not eschewing dating for the less-desirable ‘hanging out’ no-man’s-land?” In an article in Relevant magazine, Unice recommends that Christians date indiscriminately, casually, often, and “toward interest, not toward marriage.” Instead of immediately trying to determine whether you’re compatible with someone for a lifetime, she suggests, just get to know them and see if you enjoy their company.No matter how a relationship turns out, Unice adds, it’s essential to maintain boundaries and show respect.

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The former NFL player advises his own kids to look for a godly partner who’s “actively growing in Christ.” This is different, he says, from someone who merely attends church.

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