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I will like to emphasize on lack of husband’s love in any relationship.When a woman is not loved by her husband, it reflects in her appearance, body, countenance and health.She looks skinny in appearance with her face gloomy always, sad, depressed and tired.Punches and scars of flogging and slaps are all over her. The pain of rejection is written all over her appearance and there is little or no co-ordination in the way she dresses.Therefore, painting the face and wearing dresses meant for young ladies go well with her that is the mindset with which some women dress.Solution Winning your husband’s love is a task that must be done.

A man’s love to a woman is like the arteries that transport blood to the heart.

Therefore, if the woman of your choice looks pleasant, let her know by telling her that she is nice.

You can put this into action by offering your arm as she steps down from the curb or open the door for her to walk through. In addition, make sure that you keep her eye color in mind.

These helpful tips and dating advice for men highlighted below will make you build the confidence you need to approach your desired woman when next you go out on a date.

Always Remember Your Etiquette Etiquette goes a long way when you want to talk to a lady for the first time.

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