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person has 2 weeks’ worth, but cannot see a doctor for 30 days)? This is for the model of the plan, and the next resolution deals with implementation. Alford stated Onondaga County was selected based on the number of people in the County, so not every county has received this money. Holmquist that this is indefinite legislation and has become part of their state funding. Holmquist asked if the full-time and part-time employees will be contract, and Ms. The ag exemption supplies the reduced tax rate, and ag exemptions can be received without being in an Ag District. Previously, governess was almost nonexistent, and controls were shoddy at best. They sold as many tickets in the first 6 months, as they did in all 12 months last year, although Famous Artists keeps most of the funds.

Also, the County had previously been involved with additional training for law enforcement in this area. Legislator Jordan said that the exemption was for actively farmed land. The theatre receives to per ticket, and is only taking to , and using the remainder to pay off debt.

Kevin Murphy, of Waldis Law firm, introduced himself as outside counsel for the County on environmental issues. Glazier agreed, adding that they have fish advisories and PCBs are part of the advisory. The 5-year look back for the lake bottom site showed improvements beyond EPA expectations. Tassone asked if they know how much surrounding land is contaminated. Glazier said that they would test a buffer zone during RD, working from the center out. Tassone said that they were talking yards, not a quarter mile and asked if it would seep further. One of the benefits procured in the negotiation process requires the cleanup of Upper Ley Creek before anyone conducts a cleanup on Lower Ley Creek. Glazier said that this was a more difficult negotiation than it should have been – seems logical that things flow downstream. Chase asked where the million dollars was coming from. Glazier said that for our concerns there are two trusts related to the GM bankruptcy – the RACER Trust that relates to Upper Ley Creek and several other remediation areas, and million dollars for Lower Ley Creek. Glazier confirmed that the cost for the RD was million dollars, per capita amongst the PRPs – equal distribution based on the number of PRPs, not responsibility based. Rapp said that some of the companies were defunct and asked how it could be per person. Glazier said that one was not participating and one was defunct. Murphy said that Libby purchased Syracuse China so it still exists and all the other PRPs are full participating members. Chair Plochocki said he was very impressed that Mr.

Glazier confirmed that dredging would be part of the remediation. Very low concentrations of PCBs can be found in the water in the creek. Glazier said that the resolution also serves as public notice that the annual report is up for public comment.

Burtis, to waive the reading of the proceedings from the previous committee minutes. Other materials may be disposed of at landfills within Onondaga County approved EPA. Chase asked if contamination of the creek was continuing. Glazier said that PCBs became heavily controlled between 1976 and the mid-eighties, continuing contamination is not a concern. They are bioaccumulators and could potentially be toxic. The EPA conducted the investigation and has already spent million dollars – determined contaminates, evaluated potential remedies, held public process and selected remedies. Though they are a non-profit private group, it is important for the committee to know what they are doing.

Glazier said that they would test ground water as part of the RD. Murphy said that he did not believe there had been any detection of PCBs in groundwater.

Both he and his family have been members of the group for some time though he had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Chair Plochocki asked if it was Otisco Lake, per say, or shoreline anywhere. Zepp said that it was anywhere, globally people like water.

would like Oren Lyons involved, a legend with the Onondaga community, just eulogized Muhammad Ali, literal globetrotter. Amending the 2016 County Budget to Fund in the First Instance 100% of the Federal Aid Eligible Costs at a Maximum Amount of 0,000 for the Design (Scoping I-VI) and Right-of-Way Incidentals Phase of the Old Liverpool Road Paving Project, PIN 3756.27, and Authorizing the County Executive to Enter Into Agreements to Implement the Intent of this Resolution (0,000) c. Burtis to approve the minutes of the proceedings of the previous committee meeting; MOTION CARRIED a.

Approving the Right-of-Way Acquisition Phase of the Otisco Valley Road Bridge Over Nine Mile Creek Project, PIN 3755.23, Agreeing to Participate and Pay up to 100% of the Non-Federal Share of the Project and Accepting Title to the Acquired Right of Way A motion was made by Mr. Holmquist to waive the reading of the minutes of the previous committee meeting. Amending the 2016 County Budget to Accept Additional Funds from the New York State Office of Mental Health for a Multidisciplinary Forensic Team, and Authorizing the Execution of Agreements to Implement this Resolution (,000)Chairman Liedka asked what information is provided to someone going through that process. Alford responded they will make sure the transition plan includes the best model for ensuring a smooth transition. The staff is seeing that if there is a violation, it is not because the person is not taking their medication, but because of difficulty meeting parole. Knapp said that the Farmland Protection Board reviews all requests and insures that they are being used predominantly for agriculture; may have a home on a lot with fields, not subdivided. Jordan confirmed that exemption requests go to the town assessor.

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